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Kids Voting Missouri students will again use the on-line voting system called "DoubleClick Democracy." With just the click of a mouse, this on-line voting system allows students to vote for many of the same candidates and issues as the adult voters.  By Missouri Statutue, no results are released until after the polls close on Election Night.

All participating school districts get their own Kids Voting Missouri Ballot URL and special log on information. This information is sent directly to each KVMO School Liaison of participating KVMO school districts.

For Election 2016, there will be  three ballot styles for Kids Voting Missouri.

  • K-2nd grade students: A special ballot featuring the Presidential, U.S. Gubinatorial candidates and 1 ballot issue
  • 3-5th grade students:  A special KVMO ballot featuring the Presidential, U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, Gubinatorial, Secretary of State, and Attorney General races plus 2 ballot issues
  • 6-12th grade students :  A special KVMO ballot featuring many of the same candidates & issues on the adult ballot.  This is a unique ballot that is developed specically for each participating school or school district.

Please check the particpating school district list under the menu item-Kids Voting MO- to see if your school district is participating. If so, please contact your Assistant Superintendent of C & I and/or your district social studies curriculum person to get more information!

Note:  KVMO by contract with KVUSA administers the program for the City of St. Louis & counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, Franklin, Jefferson, & Lincoln, & Warren counties. For all other areas of Missouri, please contact Kids Voting USA directly.