Who produces Poets.org? 

Poets.org is produced by the Academy of American Poets, a nonprofit charitable organization. The site was launched in 1996, becoming the first online resource for poems, poets’ biographies, essays about poetry, and materials for K–12 teachers. 

What is the Academy of American Poets? 

Founded in 1934 in New York City, the Academy of American Poets is the nation’s leading champion of American poets and poetry, with members in all fifty states. Its mission is to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry. It is also guided by its publicly stated values of anti-racism, accessibility, collaboration, equity, and inclusion. Each year, the organization connects millions of readers to poets’ work with its many free programs and publications, which, in addition to Poets.org, include Poem-a-Day, the first place of publication for new poems by 260 poets annually; National Poetry Month (April), which the Academy founded in 1996; American Poets biannual literary journal for members; the American Poets Prizes & Fellowships, which provide more than $1,000,000 to two hundred poets each year; Poetry & the Creative Mind, a celebration of poetry’s influence on other artists and public leaders; a Reading, Conversations & Lecture Series; and an Education Program that provides free resources, such as lesson plans, the award-winning weekly series Teach This Poem, and the Dear Poet project for K–12 teachers and students. In addition, the organization coordinates the Poetry Coalition, an alliance of more than twenty-five poetry organizations across the United States, in addition to helping coordinate the Literary Arts Emergency Fund

What is the history of the Academy of American Poets? 

The Academy of American Poets was founded by twenty-three-year-old Marie Bullock. Concerned about the lack of financial support for American poets, and with the advice of friends such as poets Edwin Arlington Robinson and Joseph Auslander (the first Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress), Bullock decided to take action and began raising funds to promote the cause of poetry and assist individual poets. Bullock served as the organization’s president for its first fifty years. During the first thirty years, Bullock operated the organization out of her apartment, centering on a core program of awards to poets. After she died in 1986, poet Anthony Hecht said of her: “It is impossible to convey the unflagging buoyancy and enthusiasm with which Marie Bullock met every challenge during the long course of her brilliantly successful crusade on poetry's behalf. She was a gallant, devoted, and generous champion of a cause that had few champions before her, and none so successful. American poetry and their readers are all in her debt.” Elizabeth Kray was hired in 1963 as the organization’s first executive director. Kray was a legendary promoter of poetry, especially through poetry readings. Under Kray’s leadership, the organization launched a groundbreaking reading series at the Guggenheim Museum (1963), the first national touring circuits for poets (1965), the first Poets-in-the-Schools program (1966), the Walt Whitman Award (1975), and the Harold Morton Landon Translation Award (1976).

What is the Academy of American Poets' Anti-Discrimination Policy? 

The Academy of American Poets does not discriminate in its practices or employment opportunities on the basis of religion, race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or any other characteristics protected by law. Learn more about the organization’s commitment to anti-racism here.

Who supports the Academy of American Poets? 

The organization and its many free programs and publications are largely made possible by contributions from individuals and its members who reside in all fifty states. The organization also benefits from funding from private foundations, corporations, and government sources such as the National Endowment for the Arts, National Endowment for the Humanities, the New York State Council on the Arts, and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs.

How do you become a member of the Academy of American Poets?

You may join the Academy of American Poets with a $35 or greater contribution, which helps underwrite the organization’s programs and publications, including the Academy of American Poets First Book Award. Members receive American Poets literary journal, which features poems and interviews with poets, as well as other special benefits. When you become a member of the Academy of American Poets you signal your belief that poetry matters and become a champion of poetry’s important place in the culture. Membership does not include any benefits related to publication. 

Who are the Chancellors, Staff, and Board of the Academy of American Poets? 

Established in 1946, the Board of Chancellors is an honorary group of award-winning poets who consult with the organization on artistic matters, elect the recipients of its largest prizes, advocate for its programmatic work, help oversee a Poets Emergency Fund that supports poets in extreme crises, and serve as ambassadors for poetry in the world at large. Most of the staff members of the Academy of American Poets are poets themselves who share a passionate dedication to assisting other poets and growing the audience for poetry in the United States. The Board of Directors oversees the organization’s mission, strategic plans and finances, and champions its programs. 

How can you get more involved? 

There are several ways to get involved with the Academy of American Poets: 1) become a member 2) sign up for and read Poem-a-Day 3) sign up for the Academy Newsletter, which provides a timely selection of poems and information about the organization’s programs, including online events 4) share Teach This Poem and other materials for teachers with educators you know 5) list your local poetry events in the Poetry Near You events calendar 6) participate in National Poetry Month and Poem in Your Pocket Day 7) follow the Academy of American Poets on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 9) make a donation to support the Academy of American Poets and its programs and publications. 

Are there jobs available? 

When the Academy of American Poets has employment opportunities available, they will be listed on its Job Openings page, as well as on www.idealist.org and other job boards that reach diverse candidates.  The Academy of American Poets is an Equal Opportunity Employer, committed to building a diverse and inclusive staff. If you’re looking for other employment opportunities, check Jobs for Poets, a roundup of available positions at other organizations. 

Does the Academy of American Poets accept submissions to Poem-a-Day or requests for a biography to be added to Poets.org? 

The poems featured in Poem-a-Day are selected by Guest Editors and Academy of American Poets editorial staff and are published with the permission of their authors. Guest Editors are suggested by Academy Chancellors and editorial staff, and approved by the executive director. We do not accept submissions of poems for Poem-a-Day, but we encourage poets with forthcoming books to email a pdf of the galley to [email protected]. Please visit our Poem-a-Day FAQ page for additional information.

Poets.org features full-length biographies of historical poets who published three or more books and received recognition for their poetry during their lifetimes, as well as short biographies for poets published in Poem-a-Day, American Poets magazine, or in special projects, or who have won our prizes or participated in our programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider unsolicited biographies or updates at this time.  

What is the Academy of American Poets's editorial standard and ethics policy? 

The Academy of American Poets is committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in our publications and programs. We expect our staff and the people with whom we work to conduct themselves with the highest standards of fairness and personal integrity in our sole interpretation, with adherence to all applicable laws. We are under no obligation to publish, promote, or fund any poet or their work. Poets.org is curated by our staff in accordance with standards and values designed to meet the purposes and rules of the Academy of American Poets. Changes are made to publications, including Poets.org, and programs whenever deemed necessary or desirable. 

Where can you learn more about writing contests or how to publish poems with other publications? 

You can learn more about writing contests here and publishing your poems here. Unfortunately, the Academy of American Poets is not able to offer evaluations of your work. 

Where can you find a copy of the Academy of American Poets most recent annual report, audited financial statement, or IRS 990? 

The most recent annual report is available here and audit, here. The Academy of American Poets’ IRS form 990 is available here.